Why Isn’t Black Lives Matter Considered a Hate Group Yet?

We live in a day and age where most Americans have gotten over race and no longer care about it.  But the left, with the help of its racial brainchild Black Lives Matter, hope to once again make everyone identify exclusively with those who have the same color skin as them, only when segregation and nonsensical racism return to the United States, they want blacks to be the oppressors and whites to be the oppressed.  Furthermore, Black Lives Matter has mastered the art of firing up blacks with fabrications, using these rowdy blacks to advance their awful agenda.

The Ku Klux Klan hates blacks and Jews simply because they are black and Jewish, respectively, and its members desire to live separately from blacks and Jews (among others).  They consider those of the “right” skin color to be “superior” to others.  This is immoral and is called racism, or discrimination based on race.  For the same reason, Black Lives Matter is racist as its black members hold their own race to be superior, constantly try to segregate themselves from whites, and have made it quite clear that they dislike whites because they do not have the “correct” skin color.  Oh, and they also want dead cops.  What a great group.

(Considering skin color when evaluating a person is a huge topic to come in an upcoming blog post, but it is quite obviously immoral and silly.  The person has no control over it so it is immoral, and it tells you nothing about the person so it is silly.)

First, the racism and segregation.  Toronto BLM co-founder Yusra Khogali tweeted that whites are “recessive genetic defects” (perhaps she should start by taking a middle-school biology course, where she’ll learn that this is not only racist but patently false) and that whites should be “wiped out”.  She continued to spew her nonsense by rambling that “Whiteness is not humxnness” and that “white skin is sub-humxn” (the word “human” is intentionally spelled without the word “man”, because as you’ll see in just a second, it is not only whites that Khogali despises).  In a separate rant, she prayed “[Please] Allah give me strength [sic] to not cuss/kill these men and white folks out here today.”  When the comments surfaced, Black Lives Matter did not disassociate itself from her and the left largely defended her, so we can only assume that they tolerate these statements.

Last year at a Black Lives Matter rally in Philadelphia one of the leaders commanded a segregation of whites and blacks.  Using a megaphone, she ordered “I need all white people to move to the back – make space because this is a Black Resistance March.  I need all white people to move to the back and make room for the black and brown brothers and sisters.”  After getting flustered by the pesky whites refusing to adhere to her racist demands, she screamed: “You will appropriately take your place in the back of this march because it will be truly led by the black and brown community and that’s it.”  She then enjoined the media to do the same, yelling “Make room for black media.  White media get to the back. Black media come to the front.”

In April, Black Lives Matter of Philadelphia barred white people from its meetings.  They explained that it was a “black only space” and their goals were “black-centered”.  When a Twitter user pointed out that Martin Luther King Jr. always marched arm-in-arm with whites, BLM of Philadelphia validated their stance by saying they were like Malcolm X, the infamous racist who advocated for segregation (just with blacks on top), considered blacks to be superior to whites, and banned whites from his meetings.  If it wasn’t already crystal clear, BLM and the left, as they themselves admitted when pressed, resemble Malcolm X and his opinions of black supremacy much more than they resemble MLK and his calls for racial equality.

Martin Luther King Jr. always marched arm-in-arm with whites

In May, BLM of New York City held a “blacks only” Memorial Day party.  The event’s ad read “Clear your calendar – It’s a lituation! You’re invited to take part in the UNAPOLOGETICALLY Black festivities. Bring yourself, bring Bae (or come find Bae), whatever you like. We got you. We got us.”  One organizer wrote “When we say ‘The People’ we mean Black People. Being intentional around being around Black People is an act of resistance.This is an exclusively Black Space. So if you do not identify as Black and want to come because you love Black People, please respect the space and do not come.”  In Toronto, BLM publicly refused to sell a supporter a t-shirt because he was white.

Black Lives Matter is not about equality, it is about racism and segregation.  Martin Luther King Jr. was about equality, and he has been largely disowned by the left and BLM (though they can never outright say this is the case, they have slowly been distancing themselves from him over the years).  It has reached the point where the left and BLM are practically doing a Malcolm X impression, where they push for black supremacy, the restructuring of the economy to ensure equal outcome instead of equal opportunity, bogus reparations for slavery (as if over a million lives lost, the destruction of much of the south, and trillions of dollars lost in the civil war weren’t enough), and segregation.

Martin Luther King Jr. was about equality, and he has been largely disowned by the left and BLM

Black Lives Matter treats cops worse than dirt.  Before this past NFL season, the Dallas Cowboys asked the league if they could put a decal on their helmets in honor of the fallen policemen of the Dallas shooting.  The league shut down the idea.  However, when Colin Kaepernick chose to wear socks at practice depicting cops as pigs, the NFL was mum.  Kaepernick, who was largely supported by the leftist media (including HuffPo, the New York Times, Salon, and Slate), is a huge celebrity in the BLM movement.

But BLM doesn’t stop as insulting cops; they want cops dead (but don’t take my word for it; take theirs).  At a BLM demonstration in August 2015, the protesters chanted “pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon!”, using the derogatory “pig” term for officers and effectively calling for the death of policemen.  This chant took place just hours after police officer Darren Goforth was brutally murdered from behind, leaving behind a wife and two children (this fantastic and relevant song is a reminder that every dead cop is a lost son, father, brother, and husband).  Another BLM crowd repeatedly chanted kill the police, and another we don’t need no cops we shut [expletive] down (not only do you need cops, you also need a third-grade English course).  Yet another cried “what do we want, dead cops, when do we want them, now!”

This chant [for dead cops] took place just hours after police officer Darren Goforth was brutally murdered from behind, leaving behind a wife and two children

A police-loathing, white-despising, racist group like Black Lives Matter can only keep churning forward and accomplish its goals if it has its followers in the palm of its hand.  The first step to conning innocent blacks into joining the hate group is to exploit a story of a cop acting in self-defense and killing a black suspect.  This is a huge story to come, but Black Lives Matter will twist the narrative so much that what supporters and the media will parrot becomes unrecognizable from what actually occurred.  Once you’ve fooled your base into believing that cops seek to purge America of blacks, you convince them that cooperating with the police only does damage, despite all evidence and recommendations pointing towards resisting arrest, even if you did not commit a crime, being the most foolish thing one could possibly do, as it needlessly makes a situation high-stakes and officers have just split seconds to decide whether you are a serious danger and need to be shot.  And as soon as legislation comes around trying to educate young children on the dangers of not cooperating with the police, you do whatever it takes to make sure that the legislation never becomes law.

Recently, a New Jersey bill which would require schools to teach children how to properly and respectfully interact with police officers unanimously passed through to the Senate.  Black Lives Matter, in an unfortunately unsurprising move, came out completely against the bill, as it would teach black kids not to run or resist when being arrested, which would significantly reduce the number of black deaths BLM can exploit, especially if other states followed suit.  BLM furiously tweeted that people needed to call their Senators to shut down the bill.  The only lazy reason BLM could come up with was that the bill put the onus on the citizen to understand what to do when interacting with a cop.  This is complete and utter hogwash; police routinely train for all kinds of wild situations, of course including basic interaction with citizens.  The truth, that BLM only wishes for more convenient dead blacks, is unmissable.  BLM has essentially nailed down the perfect cycle; black person (usually male) aiming weapon at police officer/attacking officer/reaching for officer’s weapon/etcetera is shot and killed by the officer in self-defense.  BLM and the left (with the help of the media) twist the story and get blacks everywhere riled up, at which point the top blows off and blacks riot and destroy property, rant that the racist “system” needs to be fixed, and ultimately get revenge and retaliate against police officers, at which point the cycle begins again.  Lather, rinse, repeat until you have ignited a full-on race war, there is no police, and blacks and whites are segregated.

The case of Korryn Gaines is the epitome of the function of this cycle.  The story begins with a video from March 2016, where Gaines, a black woman driving with a five-year-old son and a baby in the back, is pulled over by a cop.  It starts off with what appears to be a routine traffic stop for Gaines not having a license plate, with the officer asking for license and registration.  Instead of providing the necessary information, Gaines informs the cop that “I do not participate in any of you guys’ [sic] side laws and things like that, I don’t participate in that”.  She added “you have no authority”.  The police officer warns her that since she doesn’t have any license plate and she refuses to provide her information, he has no way of identifying her, and if she doesn’t comply, he will need to arrest her.  Gaines is very taken aback that the police officer warned her that he may need to arrest her, and continues to yap about the officer’s lack of authority and that she doesn’t “participate” in American laws.  The police officer begs Gaines to just comply and states he’s being especially patient since she has children in the car and doesn’t want to arrest her in front of her kids.  Eventually, Gaines relents and gives them identification, but not before a second officer is forced to take Gaines’ keys to ensure she doesn’t speed away.  

The officers go back to their vehicle, and after less than a minute, Gaines gets out of her vehicle and complains that she wants her keys and identification back.  The officers instruct Gaines to go back to her vehicle and when they’re done they’ll give it to her, and when Gaines gets back in her vehicle, her five-year-old son sitting in the back seat asks if she got her keys back.  She replies “No, and they know not to give them to me, cause I [would] pull right off on they [expletive]s [sic].”  The kid notes to his mom that “[the police officer] just was being nice,” and Gaines quips “[you mean] me, right?”.  Gaines, without a care in the world, starts to fix her hair, and then voices to the camera “these [expletive]s want to see a fight today… they [are] going to have to kill me.”  She then commands her five-year-old son “[If the police officers] tell you to get out [of] this car, or take your seat belt off, do not get out this car, do you understand?”  The small child, not knowing any better, responds “yes”, and his mother adds “you better fight they [sic] [expletive]s, FIGHT THEM, do you hear me?”, to which her kid answers “yes” again.

Gaines… [voiced] to the camera “they [are] going to have to kill me.” 

One of the officers returns to Gaines’ vehicle and informs Gaines that her car will be towed away.  Gaines continues to demand her car keys, and the officer even offers to give her back every key on her keychain except her car key.  The officer warns her that if she doesn’t exit the car when the tow truck driver arrives, she will be arrested.  Gaines, out of nowhere, declares to the officer “you’re not going to kidnap me”, and the officer interposes he doesn’t plan on doing so.  Gaines rambles “you’re not going to kidnap me, I’ve never been arrested, I’m not committing a crime, there is no victim here, so the first chance you put your hands on me, I promise you I will own your [expletive] in that department over there”.  The officer pleads with her to just leave the car and take her children, and she retorts that she won’t let them steal her car, kidnap her, or kidnap her children.  She lets him know that “if you plan on shooting somebody today, then you can get your wish” because “I promise you, if you put your hands on me, you will have to murder me so go ahead and get ready to do that.  You will have to kill me, I promise you”.  She then turns to her son and tells him he needs to take over the camera and he needs to record everything, because “[the police officers are] going to try to fight me [Gaines]”.  She notifies a third officer that she will not get out of her vehicle and that “they will have to kill me today”, and the officer responds “nobody wants to kill you”.  She then exclaims “you guys are going to take me away from here in a body bag, I promise you!”  

No sane person would act like this.

After some back-and-forth where she insists she won’t exit the car and that the police will have to murder her, she screams at the third office she hopes that “[the officers] burn [in hell]” and calls the police officers “pigs”.  As the police start to be more authoritative in ordering Gaines to exit the vehicle, Gaines’ five-year-old son breaks down crying, and she tells him to never forget that they stole his mother.  After the police are forced to take the baby out of the vehicle so that they can move the process along and tow the car, Gaines utters to her five-year-old “you see what they do to us, you fight them, they are not for us, they want to kill us, and you never EVER back down from them.”  The officer interjects the brainwashing session and asserts to the kid that the police are his friends and that they don’t want to kill people, and Gaines jaws at the officer that the kid doesn’t believe him, because “[the child sees] videos of you shooting people that look like his father,” confirming that Gaines had been convinced by the left and BLM that police murder innocent blacks consistently.  The video ends with Gaines ranting that there are tons of videos online of police officers shooting innocent blacks and that they will need to kill her to get her out of her vehicle.

No sane person would act like this.  Clearly, Gaines had been severely brainwashed.  The police were polite and nicer than they had to be.  But Gaines still acted as if she was being tortured by the police, even trying to impress upon her son that police officers are evil pigs.  Gaines had been convinced by BLM and the left that the police hate and murder blacks, and this was the product.  Gaines had become paranoid of the police through lies and deception, and no matter what the police said or did, she would always believe they wanted her murdered and that cooperating was sealing her own death sentence.

Black Lives Matter has mastered the art of firing up blacks with fabrications

Our story, sadly, did not end there.  The police came to Gaines’ house, after she failed to appear in court for the traffic violation in the video, to issue an arrest warrant.  The police could hear people inside and knocked for ten minutes, but no one would open the door.  So the police went to the landlord and got the key to the door.  When they opened the door, they saw Gaines pointing a shotgun at them with her son on her lap as a human-shield.  A standoff ensued, during which Gaines insisted to a relative that the police were only after her “because she was black” and that the police were “devils”.  After three hours Gaines got restless and told the police that she would kill them if they didn’t leave.  At this point the police opened fire on her, and she fired back.  Gaines died in the shootout, while her human-shield was shot in the leg, though it was unclear who shot him.  Thankfully, no police officers were injured.  As a side note, her use of her own child as a human shield is a violation of international war treaties, and technically if this was a time of war, would make her a war criminal.  And if I could make a prediction right now, this child ends up trying to kill a police officer when he gets older, or at the very least he becomes heavily involved with BLM.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

Gaines… [was] pointing a shotgun at [the officers] with her son on her lap as a human-shield.

The truth of the shooting did not stop “the cycle” from trying to cash in on Gaines’ self-inflicted death, which said cycle had caused.  Salon, HuffPo (again and again and again and again and again) and Slate ran dishonest pieces which called for people to remember, honor, and say the name of Korryn Gaines, arguing that her “murder” was completely unjustified and another example of police abusing innocent blacks (some even went so far as to point to the landlord cooperating as evidence that blacks cannot trust anyone).  The liberal Think Progress first portrayed the police as villains and then claimed that police must handle situations with children better, as children who are involved in high tense situations, or even just witnesses of an arrest, can be emotionally and physically damaged.  Perhaps they should preach that people shouldn’t use children as human shields, and perhaps they should watch the video of Gaines first altercation with police, in which officers begged Gaines to consider her children and refrain from brainwashing her children throughout the arrest.  Think Progress ran another article titled “Police Fatally Shoot Woman Holding 5 Year-Old Boy In Her Lap,” which is obviously highly misleading.  And if you aren’t convinced that police aren’t gunning down innocent blacks for target practice, consider the fact that BLM is forced to use the severely flawed Gaines case as evidence of police abusing black people.  If they had better stuff, they would be using it; instead, they must twist stories of police acting in self-defense.

Lather, rinse, repeat

Based on the facts, the only thing to conclude is that Black Lives Matter is a hate group bent on the murder of police and the segregation of America, and that BLM is doing whatever it can to make sure black people think the police are the enemy so that it could exploit more black deaths.  There isn’t an ounce of humanity in this hate group.


An earlier version of this article incorrectly referred to Gaines’ death as a “murder”



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